Friday, July 11, 2008

The Grandma Council

I promise that if I blog again it will be something longer and more about my life, but right now I'm just really excited about DANO2. I'm especially excited that it has gotten my mom to blog. Anyone who knows her knows that she is an AMAZING pediatrician, and I've been dying to get her to record practical advice for new moms for years now (so if I ever get around to having kids it'll be there for me)...anyway...she's doing it. She's working with my aunt who is a chemist (top of her class at UC Berkeley and then went on to MIT. My family is filled with geniuses in case you were wondering. I am not one of them.) They've formed a brain trust to give new moms guidance and to explain how the toys Daniel is making were created and why the choices were made the way they were. So if you are a new mom or know one, have them check it out. It's sure to be filled with great practical advice from two highly credentialed grandmothers.


Conforto Clan said...

ok this has nothing to do with this post but I just sat here and read half of your blog. You are such a beautiful writer I was mesmerized. Thanks for the interesting read.
tammy (jon's wife)

Pyrate said...

I think that 2008 disappeared into the swampy morass of the everyday. I read up on yours, but there seem to be a few holes here and there. :p
I didn't even really reflect on 2008 until March began, so, yeah, i'm behind.
I like the way you blog. It reflects how you speak and I can honestly say I miss listening to you.